"Shoulder The Lion"

"Unusual sensorial experience."
-- Boyd van Hoeij (The Hollywood Reporter)

"Superbly crafted art film. [...] Don't miss this one if art is in any way part of your life. Even more so if it is not."
-- Robin E. Simmons (CV Weekly)

"SHOULDER THE LION is one of the more unique documentaries I’ve seen — and a work of art in itself."
-- Stephen Pizzello (American Cinematographer)

"In the spirit of Errol Morris, filmmakers Patryk Rebisz and Erinnisse Heuer-Rebisz use assertive techniques to create a visually stunning [...] palette that gets inside the head of its subjects."
--Leo Adam Biga (The Reader)

"A must-see if you are into documentaries"
-- Jacqueline Strawbridge (Irish Daily Mail)

"The film that moved me to tears."
-- Gabor Pertic (HotDocs programmer)

"Exciting your senses, SHOULDER THE LION has opened the doors for artistic cinematic storytelling in the documentary format for many years to come."
-- Fernado Fernandez (FernTV)

“SHOULDER THE LION is unlike any cinematic piece I have ever seen or experienced before."
-- Sophie Tulp (Harbinger Online)


Using art as the catalyst, this film explores how the human spirit prevails in the face of tragedy. The will to overcome extreme obstacles to find growth and the loss experienced brings new context to the art and its creator.

directed by:

produced by:
Erinnisse Heuer

shot by :
Patryk Rebisz